Friday, 10 June 2016

Sharing our Journey

This term, our Middle Syndicate teachers used some of their classroom release time to visit our Senior Syndicate spaces. It was particularly exciting to watch and listen to our children explain their learning to their visitors. We would like to share our journey with our parents in Term Three.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Learner Pathway Co-construction

Classes are now actively using their co-constructed learner pathway to help develop positive learning dispositions. Throughout the year teachers have built the children’s understanding and application of the key competency managing self. The children have explored the concept of ‘The Learning Pit’ and developing growth mindset. Children can explain their strengths as a learner and their next learning steps. The teachers have really encouraged and supported the children to make honest reflections. 

At our last CRT day we continued to explore agency and discussed ways we could provide some children with the opportunity to drive their own learning. In order for our children to drive their own learning they need to ensure they are being personally challenged - the learning has to be hard if they are actually going to be developing and growing their knowledge, skills and dispositions. We are looking forward to exploring these ideas in Term Four.